The first few weeks of the season had everything: scandal, controversy, moments of magic and decisions of despair. For many, the opening weeks are an indication of how the season will ultimately play out with the frontrunners and bottom-dwellers resorting to the form that will make or break their season. Busgate stole the majority of the headlines with Michael Davies and Rory McCarthy falling foul of the controversial rule addition to join Wes Evans and Daniel Paul Huxley in a damaging -25 point penalty. But compared to the -100 point penalty imposed on Sean Downs for continued financial irregularities, they might feel fortunate.

If that was the case then the omens look good for a rejuvenated Farts of Midlothian who are setting the early DoBo, and indeed league, standard with the kind of ruthlessly efficient consistency that made them one of the most feared teams in the league. That presence has dissipated over a few mediocre seasons and a glaring lack of silverware but based on this campaign, Martin Arthur’s side are the team to beat.

A side conspicuous by their absence, even this early on, are FC Des. As the league’s most successful club, Michael Davies might be concerned by his side’s lethargic start to the season, and with a 40+ point gap between themselves and the Farts, there’s already work to be done.

Busgate dominated social media with Sean Downs a welcome beneficiary. As the conjecture, confusion and idle threats from FC Des’ Michael Davies and The Pain Train’s Rory McCarthy intensified, Downs strong-arm defence just did their thing to give his side some respite from their own troubles.

Speaking of troubles, it’s been a tough start to life for DoBo new boys, Borussia Teeth with Wyn Williams‘ side taking up the bottom place many expect them to make their own this season. It’s early days but it could be a long season ahead for last season’s surprise package.

In DoWo, Will Penhallurick set about confounding the critics who tipped his side for relegation with a table-topping month that saw The Jager Bombers edge ahead of promotion rivals David Twigg’s Xtal Tha Pulsewidth and Paul Gregory’s St. Pauli. At the bottom, Wes Evans’ hopes of shaking the lethargy that’s dogged Mellberg’s Beard for the last few months took a literal hit with the point penalty and a stuttering start that sees his side prop up the division while Heisenberg’s return has been less than illustrious as Gavin Jones‘ gets to grip with a competitive division.

In the DoDi doldrums, Die Lawro Die are proving to be a cut above the chaos. Tipped for success, Jake Evans’ side have taken their impressive FT B form straight into a division many pundits expect the younger Evans brother to dominate. And where both DTA and Colonel Getafe IV will be disappointed with their middling starts, they’ll at least be happy to be out of the fight for league survival Jon Jolley and Daniel Paul Huxley look set to reignite as their respective Paulisa Fekir and The Westicles sides face up to the realisation that this could be the long way down for one of them come May.

In FT B, Reef Younis and Cacos recorded their best start to a season in their history as the second best performing team across the divisions but both Andrew Pollard’s impressive newcomers Sporting A Semi and the ever dangerous Mehdi Daoudi don’t sit too far behind in the battle for league football.